Monday, July 13, 2015

#Idea of the Day #Custom Playing Cards #Cool promotional Ideas

Need a cool idea?

Custom playing cards might be the answer!    Custom playing cards are can be designed three  main ways:

1.   Custom Card Backs
2    Custom Card Backs & Custom Faces with cards ready to use 

3.  Totally Custom Card Backs AND  Faces

Custom Cards are great for:

1.   Presenting  Business Tips & Training Material.

2.  Great Give-out for Trade Shows,  Senior Living facilities &  Centers, Events

4.  Playing Cards are a  perfect  Fund Raising product for your organization

3.   Cards are  perfect platform to showcase motivational quotes!

4.   Cards can double as a "Catalog" or "Member Directory"

We offer cards in a variety of styles and quantities!!
Let us help you with your next custom card project!

More Ideas from one of our many card vendors!

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