Monday, March 4, 2013

Is your business ready for Arthritis Month?

Arthritis Month is around the corner!

According to the CDC Centers for disease control & Prevention
"Currently, an estimated 50 million Americans reported that their doctor told them they had arthritis. As our nation’s population ages, the prevalence is expected to increase"

You can promote your business and show your
companies' sensitivity to arthritis. Are you trying to 
connect with active adults or seniors?

Why not accomplish this goal
with a Jar Opener? They are helpful
and handy kitchen items for people with arthritis. They are available in a variety of
colors, shapes and sizes. In fact, you can even find them out of
re-used products too...such as tires. For under .99 it is easy to get out your message!

Additional advertising benefits for jar openers include:

1. Jar Openers have a Huge Imprint Area to promote your message.
2. There are 101 ways to use jar openers! Highly functional.
3. Most people keep promotional products in their kitchen for over 5 years! Meaning
your message will be seen over and over again for years.

We have over 10 in our home! In the kitchen, (to open jars and as coasters), in the bathroom, (to stop the bathtub drain & open pill bottles) and even under plants on our window sills.)

Jar Openers: I couldn't live without them!

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