Monday, November 28, 2011

Seniors and Boomers: Fight Flu Season with Hand Sanitizers

Even though the holidays are upon us....don't forget the basics! Be Prepared! January promotional events are around the corner. During the holidays, a hand sanitizer for the car, desk drawer or purse will be much appreciated!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the single most important thing we can do to keep from getting sick and spreading illness to others is to wash our hands. Hand Sanitizers play a vital role each winter in keeping seniors and boomers healthy.

According to the American Journal Of Nursing: "Each year in U.S. hospitals there are approximately 1.7 million health care-associated infections and nearly 100,000 associated deaths."

Hand Sanitizers are a perfect way to promote your brand!
Your logo, contact information and promotional message will be seen on a daily basis. Repetition & constant visability are solid cornerstones for reinforcing your message.

Why Hand Sanitizers?
Sanitizers are exceptionally useful. Recipients appreciate being given a hand sanitzer. Pocket-size sanitizers are portable & extremely convenient for the user. Providing hand sanitizers to business associates, clients and prospects highlights concern for health!

ConnectTheDotsAdvertising offers many varieties of hand sanitizers:
Gel & Spray Sanitizers, Carabiners, Towelettes.

1 oz Gel BottleFour Color Label:.74 cents
1 oz Gel BottleOne color Label.64 cents

ConnectTheDotsAdvertising/Kaeser & Blair
RL Nadler & Associates
Memorable Promotional Advertising for Boomers and Seniors!

Information For Healthcare providers from the American Journal of Nursing:
"It has long been known that hand hygiene among health care workers plays a central role in preventing the transmission of infectious agents. But despite a Joint Commission requirement that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hand hygiene guidelines be implemented in hospitals, compliance among health care workers remains low. The authors argue that hospitals may best improve compliance by assessing the barriers to it, measuring the rates of compliance, educating staff on the importance of hand hygiene, making sanitizing products more available for staff use, and holding staff accountable. The authors emphasize as well that lasting improvement in hand hygiene is a collaborative effort that depends on the committed support of hospital administrators"

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Custom Ribbon: A winning money saving tip for the holidays

Customized Ribbon with your logo or message is a winning cost effective idea for business or corporate branding. Colorful Ribbons with your logo imprinted in foil are perfect for holiday or event gift giving.

Ribbons are a perfect polished secret to customize cookies/pastries purchased at local bakeries
· Brand Store Bought Gifts;
· Present a Promotional or Incentive gift;
· Spice up a Raffle Prizes;
· Present Prizes at Trade Shows & Conferences;

100 yard roll $75.00 ....1 inch wide: One time set-up for "logo". $34.00
Messages can be typeset on the ribbon.

Ribbon Colors:

Royal Blue, Red, White, Yellow, Kelly Green, Pink, Purple, Lavender, Brown, Grey,
Maroon, Black, Orange, Cream, Light Blue, Light Green, Rose, Raspberry, Old Gold,
Sapphire, Turquoise, Hunter Green, Teal

Foil Imprint Colors: Gold, Silver, & Matt Silver Foil, Black, Red, Green, Blue and Brown Foil

For further information:
Contact us at 866-977-7792
Roberta Nadler

Friday, November 11, 2011

Custom Purse Hangers

Every Day from now until Xmas, we receive notifications about factory holiday gift specials. Todays best deal is a gift for women: Purse Hangers: Super Quality, Fast Delivery, Excellent pricing...These are smart gifts & will be used plus appreciated. For further information, feel free to call us at 866-977-7792

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Holidays

The Holidays are the perfect time to share a Thank You with your clients, friends, and employees. Don't be a scrooge this year and "forget" to say Thank You! Or think people don't care. They do! Your effort (or lack of effort) is remembered. The most "motivating"
activity is recognition. Make it memorable.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Promote Safe Swimming Pool Safety Tips For Children with Pool Safety Tip Magnets

Splashing in the pool on a hot day is perhaps one of the fondest rites of passage for summertime. Unfortunately, in the warmer months, a heightened risk exists for unintentional drowning or underwater submersion accidents. According to the centers of disease control: More than one in five people who die from drowning are children 14 and younger. For every child who dies from drowning, another four received emergency department care for nonfatal submersion injuries.

The problem is staggering according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission: An estimated 260 children under five years of age drown each year in residential swimming pools and spas.

Pool Safety Tip Magnets could help the problem by constantly reminding parents, babysitters, and anyone watching children in swimming pools of common sense safety tips which should be followed. offers Pool Safety Tip magnets for businesses, hospitals and any organization which would like to promote swimming pool safety.

A business can place their logo on the pool safety tip magnet and hand it out to customers and clients. They receive two values:

1) They are contributing valuable information to people in their community;
2) The magnets are usually placed on the refrigerator...the most used and visible place for advertising in most people’s homes!

For further information, contact Roberta Nadler: 866-977-7792

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Walk your way to better health with a pedometer

Walk This Way: Use a Pedometer to Track Your Steps

For many people over 50, exercise is a dirty word, but there’s no denying how beneficial it can be for long-term health. If you don’t care to join a gym, play a sport or invest in exercise equipment, here’s some good news: one of the best exercises around—walking—is “free” and something you already do. You may need to ratchet up your “reps” a bit to get maximum health value, but you already own the equipment you need to get started: your feet.

Not convinced? Maybe the findings of a study published in early 2011 in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences will get you off the fence. Psychologists found regular walking can improve memory by expanding the size of the hippocampus, a part of the brain that starts to atrophy and shrink around age 55 or 60.

That should get you walking! Your initial questions about embarking on walking program will probably be how far you need to go and how to best track your progress. Regarding the former, Lori Michiel, NASM-CPT, president and founder of Fifty Plus Fitness™, suggests 10,000 steps a day.

Lori points out that as you age, your joints tend to tighten up, and if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you’re not doing anything to combat that process. “The motion is the lotion,” she says, noting that exercise helps keep joints lubricated and healthy.

How do you count your steps? A pedometer is a great solution. These handy devices, which clip on to your waistband, range from simple to complex, but their function is the same: keeping count of every step you take. (If you are looking for a pedometer for a wellness program or company promotion, offers a wide selection. We offer them in a variety of styles and price points. Call us at 866-977-7792 or email us for current styles and for our pedometer flyer.)

Once you learn your “baseline,” your routine number of daily steps, you can set goals for yourself to increase that number incrementally. You may even want to keep a chart to track your progress for additional motivation…since you’ll want your step number to be continually rising.

Here are a few other tips from Lori about walking programs:
· Once you’ve settled into your routine, think about adding a cardio component, using lateral movements and/or looking for inclines.
· Schedule daily time for walking like you would any other activity, and think about varying your routes to avoid boredom.
· Wear loose comfortable clothing in bright colors and shoes that provide plenty of support; be measured properly before you purchase footwear.
· It’s important to stay hydrated and be aware of your environment; walk early or late in the day during the hottest weather.
· Find someone to walk with you, so you can provide each other with motivation…but don’t use that person’s absence as a reason not to walk.
· Stretch after your walk; research has shown there’s no need for pre-exercise stretches.

Disclaimer: This information is intended for reference purposes, not as a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to particiapating in any program or activity, its recommended you seek the advice of your physician. This informatin shouldn't be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Live at Home seniors are vulnerable during an emergency.

Live at Home seniors are especially vulnerable during an emergency.
How would West Coast Seniors survive a Tsunami?

During an emergency, many live at home aging seniors face mobility, cognitive, sight, or hearing issues making them less able to save themselves, act fast and fend for themselves. How many aging seniors can run out of a house in less than a minute, dash down a flight of stairs, or drive fast to a safe location in an unforeseen natural disaster? Many do not drive. Often aging Americans need help from others in an emergency. Seniors are frequently isolated, further exasperating the challenge. Houses, apartments and condominiums are not inherently senior friendly.

For the seven action steps seniors can take: Click here :

In the mean time, if a Thousand Oaks resident, sign up for the T.O. emergency telephone based emergency notification system used to communicate critical information to thousands of residents and businesses during an emergency through the telephone: or call 805-449-2499 to sign up.

If you are marketing a business and would like to promote the aspect of emergency preparedness. offers a variety of products which can be branded with your logo and are useful for customers or employees. These include: emergency phone number information magnets, home first aid kits, emergency kits, flashlights, whistles, shelf stable food products, blankets, medical information ledgers, emergency contact flashdrives, pet emergency products, and more! We can typically make many recommendations for your business.