Monday, December 26, 2016

Promotional Product Close Outs for the NAMM SHOW / Namm Show Survival Kit

Looking for  branded give gifts for your NAMM booth or hospitality suite?   This next few weeks presents a great opportunity!   Giving Customers gifts  at your booth is a proven way of developing good will and tradeshow booth traffic.   (And, don't forget the "Basics":   Pens.    Every booth should have branded pens handy.) .

 I've seen many CLOSE-OUTS  and DEALS  being offered right now. 

We guarantee delivery by the NAMM show.   Your merchandise  can be delivered right to your hotel. Also we can SAVE  money for your company by sourcing out products from vendors close to Anaheim  which will save on Shipping Charges. 

 Note: The following two links are for basic pens.
Here are two examples of Pens:

Click these two links for a few close-outs    Available while supplies last!

Wide-body retractable ballpoint pen, with a rubber gripGlide Rite Ink
Smoke Pen:   1000  Available .35 each -- while supplies last!
Was  .54     Now   .35

Twist aluminum ballpoint pen with Stylus
Was: 1000   1.75   Now  1.14

We can source out a wide variety of CLOSE OUTS  and DEALS for you.

My company can customize products with YOUR BRANDS LOGO right away.   Please send me an email about your companies needs.  I am more than glad to work right now and  find something right away just perfect for your booth.   If you receive a message, I WILL get back to you within TWO hours.   I am working week and LOVE what I do!


PS   If you browse through my website and purchase
on the shopping cart, I WILL personally email you, check inventory on the product,
take care of the logo or message on the product, AND  adjust your PRICING DOWN
from what is on the website.  I do not have a set discount because many times we contact the factory for  SPECIAL pricing and pass along the savings to your company.

PSS  Here is a fun Idea:  NAMM show "Survival Kit"!

Tote Bags
Drinkware  (High end to low end)
Plates Napkins
Serving Trays
Novelity Items
Music Download Cards
USB Drives - Many Styles
Web Directors  (Directs people to your media sites)
Virtual Realty Glasses with your logo imprinted.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

First Aid Kits: Remember the Aspirin

Earlier today while having coffee with a friend, I heard an life saving story!    Two friends were out bike riding.  One started having chest pains.   His friend gave him ONE aspirin.   The fellow with the chest pain was having a heart attack and biting into the aspirin helped save his life.       Lesson learned:    Make sure your First Aid Kit contains aspirin!

First Aid kits are readily available.   They also are a great item to give out at community events and as gifts with your logo imprinted on them.    People DO keep and use them! 

This link shows more selections.    If you see one you like, please email Us or if ordering from our website, please type in  promo code,  Deal to receive a Discount! (exp. 8/31/16)

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer Summer Summer



 summer drinkware PERFECT for customers?

1.   People are replacing summer  items right now!
      Why not give customers and prospects bling they are buying anyway?
      Your gift will be appreciated!

           2.   People drink more water in the warmer months. 
Why not promote a POSITIVE habit?.

                    3. New drinkware looks great!  
       It has a LARGE imprint area to
 show-off your Logo and summer PROMOTIONAL campaigns.   

People LOVE new drinkware!   
Your message will be seen for several months.   
Great Advertising!  
Click this Link, or copy and paste for our drinkware specials!
100's of color Combinations to choose from.  Made in the USA!


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Coloring books for Adults: A Great new Promotional Product! #Adult Coloring Books #New Promomtional Products #Promotional Product Specials #Most Popular Promotional Products

Coloring books for Adults:

A Great  new Promotional Product! 

For the past 3 days, I've been in adult coloring book heaven!  Friday,  I was reviewing new promotional product email specials and noted a special on Adult Coloring Books!  Interesting I thought to myself!  With further research, I discovered coloring books are not a fad, but a growing trend.

They are extremely relaxing and easy to use.   Professionals even recommend them for
"de-stressing!"  The art is unique and beautiful    I personally have "colored" for years..... to relax while watching TV, or listening to music.   

The following day while browsing through books at our local bookstore, I noticed several displays of adult coloring books throughout the store.   And...people were buying them!   Later in the evening, while buying groceries, they were at the prime check-out spot near the cashier.  
This completely reinforced for the concept for me  WOW!! What an exceptional  promotional product!  The following are 7 reasons why adult coloring books are a terrific and a smart promotional product consideration for 2016! 

1. New and Popular.   High level of perceived value.  Sought after product.  People WANT them!
2. Fun.   Positive experience.
3  Logo displayed bolded
4  Creative.   Continuity programs can be developed with colored pens, contests, etc.
5. Advertising messages will be more effective and remembered because these books  stays in peoples' homes for a long period of time. 
6  They appeal to most age groups
7  Cost effective.  With a  logo imprinted, coloring books are  VERY reasonable. 

Please click here to see more details about promotional product Adult coloring books from our website  

Mention you saw this BLOG and we will offer you Special Pricing!

Coloring Book Display at Barnes and Nobel