Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nurses Week is around the Corner

You can still participate in Nurses Week - 2103!  It is around the corner!    Now is the time to act!  What a fabulous way to recognize nurses if you work within the the healthcare industry or to reach out to nurses within your community.

Nurses  Week -2013 theme:   Delivering Quality and Innovation in Patient Care.   
Dates for National Nurses Week are May 6-12 (always starting on the birth date of Florence Nightingale).

Celebrations during National Nurses Week typically include great food, fun - thoughtful activities and recognition events.  Often, continuing education seminars is a component.  Nurses Week provides a quality outreach opportunity for local,  community businesses as well. 

How to Thank Nurses?    Nurses are honored with gifts & food  by friends,  family members, members of the community, coworkers (i.e  doctors and administrators) who want to acknowledge  appreciation.  

Some ideas include:  products with a logo and / or a Thank You message for nurses.   Gifts jazz-up events. Balloons, banners and under 1.00 give-outs are a great way to promote &  draw attention to your event.   Gift suggestions for nurses might include:  Stylish tee shirts,  bags, coolers and  Spa items.   We will post more ideas later this week as well!

Some of my favorite choices are on this link for Bags, Coolers and Spa Items

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Yes, times are tight these days, even so,  Nurses are really important to remember!
These hardworking professionals deserve a Thank You!

Insulated snack bag
Under 3.00 cooler constructed with heavy  fabric
The perfect Cooler

Thoughtful Spa Gifts