Sunday, January 3, 2016

Coloring books for Adults: A Great new Promotional Product! #Adult Coloring Books #New Promomtional Products #Promotional Product Specials #Most Popular Promotional Products

Coloring books for Adults:

A Great  new Promotional Product! 

For the past 3 days, I've been in adult coloring book heaven!  Friday,  I was reviewing new promotional product email specials and noted a special on Adult Coloring Books!  Interesting I thought to myself!  With further research, I discovered coloring books are not a fad, but a growing trend.

They are extremely relaxing and easy to use.   Professionals even recommend them for
"de-stressing!"  The art is unique and beautiful    I personally have "colored" for years..... to relax while watching TV, or listening to music.   

The following day while browsing through books at our local bookstore, I noticed several displays of adult coloring books throughout the store.   And...people were buying them!   Later in the evening, while buying groceries, they were at the prime check-out spot near the cashier.  
This completely reinforced for the concept for me  WOW!! What an exceptional  promotional product!  The following are 7 reasons why adult coloring books are a terrific and a smart promotional product consideration for 2016! 

1. New and Popular.   High level of perceived value.  Sought after product.  People WANT them!
2. Fun.   Positive experience.
3  Logo displayed bolded
4  Creative.   Continuity programs can be developed with colored pens, contests, etc.
5. Advertising messages will be more effective and remembered because these books  stays in peoples' homes for a long period of time. 
6  They appeal to most age groups
7  Cost effective.  With a  logo imprinted, coloring books are  VERY reasonable. 

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Coloring Book Display at Barnes and Nobel