Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Cell Phone Real Estate Market is booming!

Cell Phone Wallet IS Cell Phone Real Estate.   Why not Keep your brand remembered?

The Real Estate market is booming!    Yes, the cell phone real estate market!

Your  branding and Logo can be seen many times per day for only "penny's" per impression! 

 One hot property :   Silicone wallets with 3M adhesive which sticks to the back of any phone.  Securely holds up to 3 credit cards, a drivers license or business cards. 

  It is also good for hotel keys and will not deactivate the strip.  Credit cards will be protected from deactivation on phone.  

This is a perfect gift for trade shows, community out-reach and fundraising incentives.   Also, this is a perfect "container" for gift cards during the holidays too!

For more information:
SPECIAL OFFER:  3.89 each
Use Promo Code CTD1110
exp. 6/31/2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nurses Week is around the Corner

You can still participate in Nurses Week - 2103!  It is around the corner!    Now is the time to act!  What a fabulous way to recognize nurses if you work within the the healthcare industry or to reach out to nurses within your community.

Nurses  Week -2013 theme:   Delivering Quality and Innovation in Patient Care.   
Dates for National Nurses Week are May 6-12 (always starting on the birth date of Florence Nightingale).

Celebrations during National Nurses Week typically include great food, fun - thoughtful activities and recognition events.  Often, continuing education seminars is a component.  Nurses Week provides a quality outreach opportunity for local,  community businesses as well. 

How to Thank Nurses?    Nurses are honored with gifts & food  by friends,  family members, members of the community, coworkers (i.e  doctors and administrators) who want to acknowledge  appreciation.  

Some ideas include:  products with a logo and / or a Thank You message for nurses.   Gifts jazz-up events. Balloons, banners and under 1.00 give-outs are a great way to promote &  draw attention to your event.   Gift suggestions for nurses might include:  Stylish tee shirts,  bags, coolers and  Spa items.   We will post more ideas later this week as well!

Some of my favorite choices are on this link for Bags, Coolers and Spa Items

Click for a general search of gifts under advance search

Yes, times are tight these days, even so,  Nurses are really important to remember!
These hardworking professionals deserve a Thank You!

Insulated snack bag
Under 3.00 cooler constructed with heavy  fabric
The perfect Cooler

Thoughtful Spa Gifts

Monday, March 4, 2013

Is your business ready for Arthritis Month?

Arthritis Month is around the corner!

According to the CDC Centers for disease control & Prevention
"Currently, an estimated 50 million Americans reported that their doctor told them they had arthritis. As our nation’s population ages, the prevalence is expected to increase"

You can promote your business and show your
companies' sensitivity to arthritis. Are you trying to 
connect with active adults or seniors?

Why not accomplish this goal
with a Jar Opener? They are helpful
and handy kitchen items for people with arthritis. They are available in a variety of
colors, shapes and sizes. In fact, you can even find them out of
re-used products too...such as tires. For under .99 it is easy to get out your message!

Additional advertising benefits for jar openers include:

1. Jar Openers have a Huge Imprint Area to promote your message.
2. There are 101 ways to use jar openers! Highly functional.
3. Most people keep promotional products in their kitchen for over 5 years! Meaning
your message will be seen over and over again for years.

We have over 10 in our home! In the kitchen, (to open jars and as coasters), in the bathroom, (to stop the bathtub drain & open pill bottles) and even under plants on our window sills.)

Jar Openers: I couldn't live without them!

More information can be found online at

Monday, February 18, 2013

Do you get The Oscar for your award program?

We are in the middle of award season.     If you are like me, this Sunday, Oscar night, is a big event!  Great to watch; wonderful to recognize those in the entertainment field who have created fabulous movies and timeless characters for us to remember.  

What does the Oscars and your business have to do with one another?  Lots!    Its about excellence, an event,  goal setting & recognition.    These are four areas which have universal appeal.

Now is the time to start thinking about your companies' award program.  Is it working?    Most importantly, is it motivating those involved towards the achievement of excellence?  Is it fresh & current?  How can it be improved?  

After designing awards over the past decade, I have learned: the award DOES to need be special, unique plus thoughtfully branded to dovetail into your program.   Today, there are countless award material mediums (Lucite, wood, marble, resin, glass, art glass, reusable materials, art paper, ceramic,  metal ...) coupled with graphic options to create infinite possibilities for a fresh "classic" award!

Of course,  your award is only  part of the picture.   However, it is extremely important component because is symbolic and part your organization's culture.  One day perhaps,  retired employees or customers will attend a special event or gala playing trivia or bingo about your company or organizations' award and recognition program. 

Why Not?