Monday, February 18, 2013

Do you get The Oscar for your award program?

We are in the middle of award season.     If you are like me, this Sunday, Oscar night, is a big event!  Great to watch; wonderful to recognize those in the entertainment field who have created fabulous movies and timeless characters for us to remember.  

What does the Oscars and your business have to do with one another?  Lots!    Its about excellence, an event,  goal setting & recognition.    These are four areas which have universal appeal.

Now is the time to start thinking about your companies' award program.  Is it working?    Most importantly, is it motivating those involved towards the achievement of excellence?  Is it fresh & current?  How can it be improved?  

After designing awards over the past decade, I have learned: the award DOES to need be special, unique plus thoughtfully branded to dovetail into your program.   Today, there are countless award material mediums (Lucite, wood, marble, resin, glass, art glass, reusable materials, art paper, ceramic,  metal ...) coupled with graphic options to create infinite possibilities for a fresh "classic" award!

Of course,  your award is only  part of the picture.   However, it is extremely important component because is symbolic and part your organization's culture.  One day perhaps,  retired employees or customers will attend a special event or gala playing trivia or bingo about your company or organizations' award and recognition program. 

Why Not?